What readers are saying about Moe

As an English professor, I was greatly aware of your use of figurative language, which, like the delightfully detailed settings and character descriptions, made the pages glow. … The language throughout the novel was very sophisticated (I want to say “literary”), and dialogue was sharply attached to the speaker. You have a remarkable gift of language, … a magnificent tale that was fully worth my time. I trust that this is just the beginning. ~~ Dr. Jim De Saegher, editor to Tim LaHaye for 25 years

Didn’t want to put it down. It is such a gracious story filled with so many of the challenges faced by daily life. You told the story in a way that just warmed my heart and reaffirmed my beliefs in the powers that be. I related in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you. Thanks so much for this beautiful book and the message that it brings. ~~ Linda Ward Davis, Chesapeake, VA

I’m galloping through Moe. Oh my what a story—what a writer. He is certainly a wordsmith. I marvel at how he gets just the right words, lines them up and makes them do his bidding in concert with each other. ~~ Marge McRae, founder of Kitsap Christian Writers, Poulsbo, WA

(Every now and then I get a complaint from a reader like this one.) ~ I’m blaming you for my lack of sufficient sleep – Rod is right – you can’t put the book down.  I have to force myself to put it down and I’m staying up way too late to keep reading and to find out what happens next.  Jim Hamlett sure knows how to keep you going as he holds your attention, and keeps you wondering what is going to happen on the next page! ~~ Liz McCord complaining to Marge McRae

There are many reasons to suggest a good book: a strong, engaging, internally consistent plot; real-life characters you feel like you’ve met before or wish you could; accessible, beautiful sentences which draw you along and lift you up; conflict and tension; insights into the common and not-so-common plights of what it means to be a part of the human race; a setting easy to envision and feel a part of. … It’s all there between the covers of Moe, a simply great story which teaches, encourages, motivates and leaves you smiling with satisfaction. ~~ Holly Bebernitz, Jacksonville, FL, instructor of Western Civilization at Liberty Online University

As the son of a South Carolina Methodist minister, it was very easy to relate to many of the characters in Moe. I feel that you have written an accurate portrayal of personalities and interactions typical for that type of setting. You’ve created a great character with Moe. He’s a very likeable and interesting fellow. The mix of humor, awkwardness, and drama was well blended to provide a very enjoyable read. Great job! I’m looking forward to reading more about the experiences of Moe in the future. ~~ Jody Weisner, Greenville, SC

I loved Moe from start to finish: clean, well-lighted sentences; wonderful visuals; smooth flow, no bumps in the read; great multi-dimensional characters which left me wanting to know more about them…. ~~ Clarice James, Hudson, NH, finalist in the 2012 Operation First Novel Contest

Moe touched my heart in places I thought I had long ago buried. … There was not one place in the book that did not challenge my heart and make me want to seek a closer relationship with God. We are His only obstacle, we just need to get out of the way. Jim’s gift of word is truly a gift that challenges each of us to look at a broken world from another’s eyes. My only regret about the book was that it ended….I am waiting for the sequel . ~~ Elaine Barrow, Charleston, SC

I am enjoying the book. The story line is excellent, and I am impressed with your writing style. ~~ Craig Stephan, Washington, PA

Moe is full of humor, catchy/thoughtful phrases, and many very serious moments. … As a professional book reader and bookseller I really appreciate your work. It has made me think of the word and work of Friend/Friendship in a whole new light. I really do pray that many thousands of people will read, enjoy, and put into practice what the book teaches. ~~ Norm Burleson, Book/Bible Buyer, Christian Supply, Spartanburg, SC

I enjoyed reading about Moe. Although his problems and his life are very different from anything I have ever experienced, I felt a comradery with him and I was glad to be reminded that guileless offerings of friendship are the best gifts we can give one another. ~~ Kathy Zanin, Charleston, SC

I loved the book! I found myself identifying easily with different characters in the church office and was pleasantly surprised by the strength of character and discernment Moe had. This book reminded me that God often uses unlikely people to do great things. ~~ Susan Wood, Greenville, SC

If you enjoy reading about great tragic romances, [or] … you want to know about deep depression and its solution, get a copy of Moe. If you celebrate friendship, buy Moe. Or read it just for pure enjoyment. For all these reasons, you’ll want it in your book collection. ~~ Judith Hartzell, author of Mrs. Charlie: The Other Mayo and I Started All This: The Life of Dr. William Worrell Mayo

Moe is a book that has life experience from beginning to end. You do not have to be brilliant or gifted to see the truths in this book in your life. Even though the book was fictional each character took on a realness and that, somewhere in life, you had known each one. The author was magnificent in addressing circumstances from prejudice – illness – death – church politics (among other areas of life) and in the end church togetherness which gives us all hope in seeking God’s will. A must for your library. ~~ Jess & June Schmidt, Swannanoa, NC

I am waiting with great anticipation to read the sequel!!! I want more of Moe! Great story. Through reading Moe I am more aware of how I can be thoughtful of other people whom God has intentionally designed to be shorter than the majority of people. But even more than that, this book has struck a chord in my heart that continues to resonate even days later, making me take a serious look at how I am doing at developing good friendships. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. ~~ Teri Barrows, Greenville, SC

Okay, ready for the next one! … I am very impressed–had a hard time putting it down. I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect but this was very well written, the descriptions and accuracy to detail were outstanding. ~~ Tammy Sherman, Washington, PA

To be honest, it struck a few nerves. …Your story has given me a lot of food for thought. You did a great job capturing some of the thoughts and emotions people experience. … I hope this book is successful enough that I will be able to read more about these characters in the not too distant future. Please let me know when a sequel is in the works. ~~ Ken Croumlich, New Carlisle, IN

A well-told story of grace and restoration with a refreshing, heart opening effect; if you’re not careful, you may, after reading this book, start seeing yourself and others through kinder, more graceful eyes. ~~ Randy Owen, Grand Junction, CO

Jim Hamlett has crafted a well-told story of friendship and grace, the humor balanced with the poignant, the people blessed by a wee Scotsman. Highly recommended! ~~ Ray Blackston, author of Flabbergasted

Moe is an intriguing, well written work.  The plot frequently compelled me to put myself in Moe’s place, wondering what I would do/what I have done in ministry situations similar to his.  Not only did I find myself immersed in the storyline of the book, but I was left wanting more.  I have recommended the book to others, and I will continue to do so. ~~ Brian Gottschall, Farmington, NM

In his first novel, Jim Hamlett has created finely drawn characters, a distinctive sense of place and a story with texture – and with wonderful humor!  I love that his characters of faith aren’t cardboard Christians but “people” very real in their spiritual walk – in their struggles and in their strengths alike. Perhaps the best part of Moe is Moe himself – what a great guy! Encouraging, endearing to, enlarging me. I’m so glad I met him, and I hope our paths cross again in Hamlett’s next book. ~~ Nancy Koesy Parker, Greenville Christian Writers Group, Greenville, SC

Jim Hamlett has a gift for description…. You can smell the music he composes.  ~~ Tanya Logan, Kannapolis, NC

Though Moses Mackenzie is certainly the hero and most sympathetic character of Jim Hamlett’s novel, my favorite character is Pastor Kirk Vaughn.  Kirk is the kind of flawed person we all know–a man of God whose inflated ego and ambitions drive him….  In equal measures, personal tragedy and genuine friendship work on Kirk throughout the book to turn him into the person he ought to be.  Truly a joy to watch Kirk grow. ~~ Kevin Coyle, Attorney, Author, Actor, Greenville, SC

The ability to draw you in between the covers of a book is a rare and God given talent.  Moe exhibits this and I have to smile thinking of the times I looked up and realized that I wasn’t there, but sitting in my chair reading this really fine book.  Well done. ~~ Jim Goodrum, Asheville, NC

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