The Most Important Thing Every Pilot Needs To Learn

There’s more to flying than learning a few things about aerodynamics, though that’s an excellent place to start. Also, to be a pilot, you must be more than an expert on the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). For example, if you lose an engine right after take-off on a soupy day, being able to quote chapter and verse from the FARs won’t save you. You’ll need something else: a clear understanding of what the “C” in PIC means.  Read More


The One Thing You Should Never Do In The Cockpit

Be brave, take a guess. Here’s a hint. It starts with “P.” If you ask other pilots, you’ll get a host of answers, many of them good. For example:

Pilot Error

A worthy guess, but too obvious, don’t you think? Nevertheless, pilot error, before or during flight, can definitely lead to what I’m suggesting is the number-one demon of the cockpit.

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