Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit is a work in progress. Below is a list of the nine short stories—and where I am with each one—in this eclectic collection based on Galatians 5:22-23. Expect something different. For example, in Love, if you’re anticipating a romance, you’re in for a big surprise. Ditto for the rest of them.

As I complete each story, I’ll create a link to a PDF file you can read. Just click on the story’s title. If you’d like to be notified when a new story is done, then please sign up on the form at the bottom of the page under the heading “Stay Up To Date.”

Love (Completed)

John Shepherd, an army medic who returns from Europe after WWII, moves his family to an old homestead in Alaska bequeathed to him by his grandfather. In a harsh and unforgiving wilderness, he learns how much true love can cost a man.

Joy (Almost done.)

Heb Lawenidth has lost his joy. Unfortunately, he thinks it’s a “thing,” something he has misplaced. Everything will be fine if he can just lay his hands on it. Heb eventually learns joy is not a thing, and he finds it in the last place he would have imagined.

Peace (Fairly complete outline.)

Brother Breandan loves where God has put him, a beautiful and quiet monastery nestled in the green hills of Eire (Ireland). When Vikings raid the monastery and carry him off, he learns a hard but valuable lesson: peace is not a geographical location.

Patience (Have a viable story, but still thinking on it.)

Kindness (Rough outline; no character names yet.)

After a motorcycle accident that leaves a man’s wife severely brain damaged, she is sent to a rest home for rehab. At the home, one of the retirees takes an interest in the man’s wife and shows her great kindness—something this motorcycle rider is not used to seeing.

Goodness (No idea yet.)

Faithfulness (Rough outline; no character names yet.)

An old messianic Jew lies in a coma near death—but can hear everything around him. His faithful friend since childhood visits him daily and talks about their adventures growing up—and the love they shared for one woman. The story is told by the man in the coma. (If I can make this work, I think you’ll enjoy it.)

Gentleness (No idea yet.)

Self-control (Have a viable story, but still thinking on it.)